Christie and more: News roundup for Nov. 4

Blogger Bill Wolfe pledges to watch Governor-elect Christie, who said he’d cut “onerous regulations” — code, says Wolfe, for rolled-back environmental protections and a slashfest at DEP. Blue Jersey sighs over Christie’s lousy showing; “How long… before his first campaign promise is broken?” And today at 4:30 p.m., Christie is called a “champion of the environment,” with a big electronic eye-roll, on the New Jersey Highlands e-mail list.

Meanwhile, here are New Jersey Future’s ideas on what smart growth will look like in a Christie Administration.

Hudson County received the state’s lowest-voter-turnout honors, perhaps because of the corruption scandal.

New Jersey filed suit against the Army Corps of Engineers today to stop Delaware River dredging. A $300 million project by the Corps calls for deepening 102 miles of the main channel from Philadelphia to the mouth of the Delaware, according to the Associated Press.

EnviroPolitics highlights a Forbes article about carbon capture and sequestration technology — the same technology proposed for the Linden coal plant.

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  1. Bill Wolfe Says:

    Didn’t think things would move this quickly:

    Christie Proposes Moratorium on Regulations – Signals Major Threat To Environment
    November 5th, 2009 Bill Wolfe Leave a comment Go to comments

    I knew we were in for a battle over environmental regulations, but this is ridiculous (see: “Cutting Onerous Regulations“)

    Just hours after the polls closed, Governor elect Chris Christie told the New York Times that he would impose a moratorium on new regulations:

    “Governor-elect Christopher J. Christie of New Jersey, basking in praise from Republicans who hailed him as the party’s new star, said Wednesday that he would move quickly to suspend new regulations on business…”
    Christie Pledges Fight on Taxes and Business Rules

    The controversial move takes a play out of the Bush I and II Administrations’ anti-regulatory playbook, (and conservative think tanks) and would impact several major environmental rules recently proposed by DEP and now in the pipeline pending adoption.

    read full post here:

  2. Bill Wolfe Says:

    Yikes! He’s not Governor yet, but in addition to calling for regulatory moratorium, cultural change at DEP, adn expediting permits, according to the Courier Post, Christie now just betrayed NJEF endorsement promise of cooling towers at Oyster Creek:

    Read the clip here and what it all means:

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