State goes to Christie, environmentalists react

Republican Chris Christie is the next governor of New Jersey, ousting Democrat Jon Corzine and leaving Independent Chris Daggett to consider that those who want to vote Independent far outnumber those who do.

The New Jersey Sierra Club, which had a press release to us by 10:23, couldn’t resist a parting jab at the incumbent: If you’d done better on the environment, guy, you coulda won.

The group had endorsed Daggett, while another key green group, the New Jersey Environmental Federation, chose Christie. Corzine was largely left out, accused by some environmentalists of failing to keep promises, being slow to act on global warming goals and opening the door to developers.

Campaign director David Pringle of the New Jersey Environmental Federation, not surprisingly, sounded optimistic about Christie’s win.

“Governor-elect Chris Christie offered the strongest environmental agenda, the best critique of the past four years and the best chance of breaking the status quo in a positive way, which is so desperately needed,” he said. “That’s what we endorsed him, and we look forward to working with him.”

Matt Elliott of Environment New Jersey, which endorsed no one, hoping instead to inject environmental issues into the race, was more cautious: “New Jersey’s next governor faces some big, critical environmental challenges. I hope that Christie will rise to the challenges before him… he needs to promote renewable energy in a big way while opposing more coal plants and more coal power lines.

“He needs to figure out permanent, dedicated funding for open space. And he needs to clean up our toxic sites and protect our precious air and water resources.”

The Sierra Club, in its statement, talked up Daggett but congratulated Christie on his win.

“We believe we will be able to work with him on trying to improve New Jersey ’s environment and wish him success,” the group said. “We plan to hold him to the commitments he made to the environment while campaigning.”

As of 11 p.m., the open-space ballot question was looking like it had a strong chance of succeeding — barely. The vote was 51 percent to 49 percent, according to Gannett.

This story was updated Wednesday, Nov. 4.

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One Response to “State goes to Christie, environmentalists react”

  1. William Owen Says:

    If Christie wants to work and does work with environmental groups, if he proves to be more of an old school moderate or even progressive republican, that works. This was Corzine’s election to lose and he lost it. If he’d had at least one good idea, if he’d thought differently about what he’s been doing in office and how to do it, he could have won.

    If Christie proves to be cut from the neo-con cloth utterly besotted with big business, well then maybe its time we stop waiting for the government to work with us. Maybe it is time to stop waiting for the government to do everything for us. Maybe we need to get off our duffs and start looking into how to save energy, insulate and heat better. Maybe it is time for environmental groups to stop trying to convince the government to pass this or that piece of legislation and just get their asses out into communities, bringing information and research and working to implement the changes we need to make.

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