Watch for eaglets on Duke Farms Eagle Cam

The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey and Duke Farms are making it possible this spring to bird-watch from your desk with an Eagle Cam, above. The camera, at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, provides a window onto the lives of two bald eagles and their offspring.

The pair of eagles has been nesting at Duke Farms since 2005 and has raised six eaglets, according to the foundation. This season, they have been tending to three eggs; the first eaglet was confirmed on Monday morning. The others could hatch very soon.

The male in the pair of adult eagles is banded, with a silver band on one leg and a green one — indicating he was raised in New Jersey — on the other.

Click here for another CWF webcam, the Peregrine Cam. This one is installed on the roof of 101 Hudson St. in Jersey City and allowing a look at the peregrine falcons that live there.

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11 Responses to “Watch for eaglets on Duke Farms Eagle Cam”

  1. Janice Peterson Says:

    Can I watch this with a Mac computer or must one have a windows machine? I would like to watch but did not know which program to download.

    Please advise me.


  2. Janice Peterson Says:

    Oops, I was asking about the Peregrine cam. I am watching and enjoying the Eagle Cam at Duke Farm.

  3. Steve f Says:

    I went looking for the nest this past weekend. Now I see what tree it is, looks to be a Sycamore, I will try again.

  4. Steve f Says:

    I didn’t want to imply that I was looking for the nest. I heard from someone where the approximate area of the nest is. I just wanted to see the animals in flight. Add it to my life list of birding.

  5. Laynie Says:

    This is so wonderful. It is amazing how you actually get attached to these birds after watching them for weeks! I hope all goes well and all three of the little Eaglets make it to adulthood. I’ll keep watching for sure.

  6. Marlene Scocco Says:

    Did you band the egalets this morning??? I think i see bands on their legs. Will you let us know the sexes if you know what they are at this time. Thank You,

    Marlene Scocco

  7. Marlene Scocco Says:

    So happy to see that the banding of the eaglets had no effect on them or the parents. Saw mom feeding all three at 5:35 PM. Thank you so much for this cam I love watching them every day.


  8. Layne Sultana Says:

    Layne-My friend Mary told me about the eaglet
    video because I have been bird watching for
    years. I am so excited to actually see on a
    daily basis their actions without the parents
    and their attention when the adults come
    with food…I am anxious to see the eaglets when
    they reach adolescence and are ready
    to fledge their nest-how awesome will that
    be…hope all three will thrive. Thanks for this

  9. lili and caitlin (mom&daughter) Says:

    caitlin says: the birdies are so cute!!! i would watch them almost all day if i could

    lili says; (speechles and uderly amazed!!!)

  10. caitlin Says:

    i love those birds me and my mom already left a comment and the birds are so cool, but one of them looks sick though :( they’re awesome

  11. TMV Says:

    Yes, you can view them on a Mac. I am using a Mac.
    No downloads needed. Just go to this site.

    If that one does not work go to.

    Right now she appears to be sleeping.

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